Watermelon Gin



  • 3 oz Watermelon Juice* (or muddle 9 1” watermelon cubes)
  • 2 oz Gin
  • 1 tbsp Granulated Sugar

  • Shake the watermelon juice, gin and sugar with ice in a Boston Shaker. Strain into a Kramer Glass.

  • Garnish with Lemon Grass.

  • For Pitcher or Watermelon Tap*
  • 4 cups Watermelon Juice
  • 3 cups Gin
  • 2/3 cup Granulated Sugar

  • *See our Watermelon Juice and Watermelon Tap recipe/video

I imagine that if the Royal Navy required their sailors to ingest rations of watermelon juice, that those Limeys would have mixed it with gin. They might even have made a watermelon tap so that they could sit back and enjoy it all day long as they sailed the seas. Really! Those sail boats practically sail themselves, don’t they? So why not? Sit yourself back and serve up one from the tap of the watermelon and drift along on the easy breeze of refreshment.


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