How To Smoke Cocktails

0 Comments | September 6, 2015

There is two ways to smoke a cocktail. You can smoke the glass that you are going to serve the cocktail in, or you can smoke the cocktail itself once it is built and in the glass.

Smoking the glass itself gives you a pleasant and subtle smokiness because the oils from the smoke coat the inside of the glass. This flavors the cocktail with notes of smoke and charcoal and brings these aromas to the nose as you sip. Watch our video and learn how we smoke glasses with wood chips, dried herbs, and cinnamon sticks.

To smoke a cocktail that is already chilled and in the serving glass, we utilize a Smoking Gun or a glass dome. The Smoking Gun works best in a chilled cocktail, will provide intense smoky notes, and is a good choice when smoking several cocktails at once or for large volumes, such as in a pitcher. Smoking a cocktail under a dome will subtly smoke the entire glass and cocktail. Though this provides a lower intensity of smoky flavor, when compared to the Smoking Gun, nothing beats it for drama.

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