Juicers & Citrus Press

0 Comments | March 30, 2014

Using fresh citrus juice in your drinks will make your cocktails sing! The best hand juicer (citrus press) will have have a deep pocket (to help guide the juice into your drink and not into your eye) and a diameter wide enough to accommodate the largest of fruits. A larger hand press is best for oranges while a smaller one can accommodate limes or lemons. If buying just one, get the largest you can as it will do double duty. When using the hand-held citrus presses, be certain to position the fruit half in the correct orientation. It’s not like your grandmother’s citrus reamer where the flesh of the fruit squeezes into the press’s nipple. Rather, insert the fruit backwards from what you might think. This will turn the citrus piece inside out, sending the juice through the holes of the press, extracting nearly every drop, and sending it where you want it to go – without exerting undue pressure on the bitter fruit rind.

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