Ward 8



  • 2 oz Rye
  • ¾ oz Fresh Lemon Juice
  • ¾ oz Fresh Orange Juice
  • ½ oz Rock Candy (or Simple) Syrup
  • ⅛ oz Grenadine

  • Add all ingredients, with ice, to a Mixing Glass. Stir to chill and strain into a Coupe Glass. Do not garnish.

You don’t see this classic cocktail on too many bar menus because, well, most bars want to stay in business, and the original recipe for this drink is awful. Overly tart and very bracing, it is difficult to enjoy and appreciate and, frankly, it’s hard to imagine this as ever being palatable. Now we appreciate a classic cocktail and understand that tastes (and ingredients) change over time, but to enjoy this cocktail, something needs to be done, and in the case of the Ward 8, it needs some sweetness. Others have tried to remedy this classic by adding maraschino liqueur or confusing the drinker with egg-white, but all it takes is a little Rock Candy (or Simple) Syrup. This doesn’t become an overly sweet cocktail, by any means. You’re still allowed the rawness and spice of the rye, the tart, sourness of the lemon; and the sweet notes from the orange & grenadine. This cocktail suddenly turns from a test of your gag reflex into a true delight! Enjoy!


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