Vieux Carré



  • ¾ oz Rye
  • ¾ oz Cognac
  • ¾ oz Sweet Vermouth
  • ⅛ oz . Benedictine (or Yellow Chartreuse VEP)
  • 2 dashes Angostura Bitters
  • 2 dashes Peychaud’s Bitters

  • Stir all ingredients, with ice, in a mixing glass until chilled. Strain into an Old-Fashioned glass over an ice cube. Do not garnish.

Vieux Carré is French for “Old Square” referring to New Orleans’ French Quarter. Created there in 1938 by Walter Bergeron at the Hotel Monteleone’s Carousel Bar, it remains their signature cocktail to this day. Traditionally made with Benedictine, we also enjoy it with Yellow Chartreuse (especially the VEP bottling) after enjoying it that way at Chicago’s Blackbird. Yellow Chartreuse (created by France’s Carthusian Monks) is Green Chartreuse’s lower-proof and less aromatic cousin and is slightly less sweet than Benedictine, but adds a hint of vanilla and earth to the herbal/minty notes. The VEP-bottling adds a sublime richness and depth to this cocktail. For something a little different, be sure to check out our Barrel-Aged Vieux Carré as well. Cheers!


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