Tart Cherry Tonic



  • 1½ oz. Tart Cherry Cordial*
  • 6 oz. chilled Tonic Water

  • Pour both ingredients over ice into a Collins glass. Drop in a few cherries. Serve with a straw.

  • *See our Tart Cherry Cordial recipe/video.

Ever in the mood for an alcohol-free cocktail? I know! Us either! But here is one refreshing and simple-to-make tonic that will cool you down on a summer’s day or whet your whistle on a cool one. Utilizing our Tart Cherry Cordial, it is a wonderful quencher and good stand-by to have for your friends who aren’t imbibing. Check out our video on how to make our Tart Cherry Cordial, and check out the boozy cocktails we make with it too. Cheers!


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