Sucanat Simple Syrup



  • 1 pound Sucanat Sugar
  • 1 pound Water

  • Add both ingredients to a medium-sized sauce pot and stir, over medium heat, until dissolved. (Do not exceed 185°.) Allow to cool (about 45 minutes) and pour into a clean stoppered bottle. Store into the refrigerator for up to 4 months. Yields ~3 cups.

Sucanat (an acronym for: SUgar, CAne, and NATural) is essentially dehydrated brown sugar. The sugar, being only minimally processed, is still packed with molasses, making Sucanat Simple Syrup sweet and rich. It falls somewhere in between our Muscovado Simple Syrup (which is richer) and the less sweet Demerara (Turbinado) Simple Syrup. It is a great way to enrich and sweeten cocktails and, like our other syrups, is simple to make. Of course we have several cocktails for you to enjoy using the Sucanat Simple Syrup, so check them out and use it in place of Simple Syrup to liven up cocktails of your own. Cheers!


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