Strawberry-Rhubarb Old Fashioned



  • 3 oz Bourbon
  • ¾ oz Rhubarb Syrup*
  • 2 dashes Rhubarb Bitters
  • 3 Orange Slices
  • 3 Strawberries

  • In a mixing glass, muddle 2 orange slices and 2 strawberries in the rhubarb syrup. Remove the larger fruit remnants and add the bourbon with ice and stir. Double strain into a Double Old-Fashioned Glass over ice and add the rhubarb bitters.

  • Garnish with an Orange Wedge and Strawberry.

  • *Check out our Rhubarb Syrup recipe/video

Two classic tastes that taste great together! The Old Fashioned and Grandma’s strawberry-rhubarb pie; except without the pie crust! (I mean, everyone knows that the pie filling is the best part anyway, right?) If you like an Old Fashioned and love your grandmother, then this is the drink for you.


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