Spumoni Negroni



  • 1 oz Gin
  • 1½ oz Campari
  • 5 oz Spumoni Ice Cream

  • Blend the gin, campari, and spumoni ice cream until smooth. Pour into a White Wine Glass swirled with raspberry jam.

  • Top with Campari Cream* and Red Sprinkles.

  • *Campari Cream: whip ½ cup Heavy Cream and ½ oz Campari.

These two words sound perfect together. I mean come on, say it “Spumoni Negroni.” It’s poetic! Not only do they sound good as a pair, but they taste great together! Who would have thought! Spumoni: Italian-styled ice cream with the Negroni: an Italian classic named for the noble Count. The two together just make sense. The Negroni is a great aperitif to enjoy before an Italian meal and our Spumoni Negroni makes for that great dessert cocktail to finish it all off. Another fun and crazy cocktaildudes original! Cheers!


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