Scratch Gimlet



  • 2 oz. Gin (like Plymouth or Bombay Sapphire East)
  • ⅔ oz. homemade Lime Cordial*
  • ¼ oz. Fresh Lime Juice

  • Add all ingredients, with ice, to a cocktail shaker. Shake to chill and strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with a lime wheel.

  • *See our Lime Cordial recipe/video.

This homemade (from scratch) gimlet utilizes our homemade Lime Cordial. Check it out and see how you can easily make your own substitute for Rose’s Lime Juice, then come back and use this recipe to create your delightful Scratch Gimlet. As in our classic gimlet (which utilizes the Rose’s), we use the preserved cordial alongside a bit of fresh lime juice as we think the combination provides for a brighter cocktail with more depth. If you like this, check out our Grapefruit Cordial recipe/video and the Grapefruit Gimlet (Grimlet) made with it. Cheers!


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