Raspberry Milk Punch



  • 2 oz. Bourbon
  • 4 oz. Half & Half
  • ⅔ oz. Maple Syrup
  • 13 Raspberries

  • In the glass of a Boston Shaker, muddle the raspberries in the bourbon. Add the remaining ingredients and 4 ice cubes. Shake to chill and strain through a medium-sized fine mesh sieve over a wine or milk glass. Scrape the sieve with a spoon when it becomes clogged. Garnish with a straw and powdered donut.

Inspired by an advertisement we saw for strawberry milk, this fun, rich, and delightful cocktail is a take on Bourbon Milk Punch – a revolutionary-era cocktail enjoyed by the likes of Ben Franklin. No matter the century, a sip of this delicious concoction will bring a pink-mustached-smile to any face. If you like this, be certain to check out all of our Milk Punch variations. Cheers!


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