• 3 oz Gin
  • splash - ½ oz Dry Vermouth

  • Fill a cocktail shaker (or mixing glass) with ice. Add a large splash of dry vermouth. Swirl and discard the vermouth. Add the gin and shake (or stir) to chill. Strain onto a chilled Martini Glass. Garnish with blue-cheese stuffed olives or a lemon twist. (If you don’t like your martini very dry, use ½ oz of dry vermouth along with the Gin.)

This classic is one serious cocktail! Simple to make, yet initially confusing because of choices like: gin or vodka; how much dry vermouth; whether to shake or stir; and even if you should make it “dirty” or not. The martini is actually an evolution of the Martinez (Old Tom gin, sweet vermouth, and maraschino liqueur). With the advent of London Dry-styled gin and the change of people’s tastes toward the dry, this classic cocktail morphed into the dry martini we know today. Jeff enjoys his martini very dry (meaning very little dry vermouth), while Phil goes old-school with the slightly sweeter Old Tom gin and a bit more dry vermouth. Jeff’s a shaker; Phil’s a stirrer. Jeff prefers olives while Phil favors a twist of lemon. Experiment with the variables until you find the method and ingredients which suit your taste. Enjoy!


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