How to Make a Sugar Loaf/Cone



  • 1¾ cups Granulated Sugar
  • 1¾ teaspoons Water

  • Mix the sugar and water in a bowl until it forms into a uniformly damp, sandy consistency (about 15 seconds). Spoon ¼ of the mixture into a conical-shaped Pilsner glass and tamp firmly with a muddler. Rough up ½-inch of the flattened surface with a fork and add another ¼ of the dampened sugar and tamp firmly. Repeat until all of the sugar is firmly pressed into the glass. Invert the glass onto a piece of parchment paper and tap the glass onto the counter to free the cone. Allow to sit on the counter for 1 week to harden.

We create these sugar loafs to use in our Old-School Old Fashioned – the ultimate of retro-cocktails. These homemade loafs allow us to create the Old Fashioned in the manner in which it was originally made. Sugar in the 19th century was purchased in conical loafs and pieces were snipped from the cone with a pair of sugar nippers. Learn how to make these loafs and then utilize them in making your Old Fashioned the old-school way! Your sugar loaf (zuckerhut) can also be used in the dramatic German Fire Punch (Feuerzangenbowle) Cheers!


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