Froot Loops-Infused Campari



  • 1 750ml bottle Campari
  • 4½ oz. Froot Loops Cereal
  • (use 1½ oz. Froot Loops (by weight) per 250ml Campari)

  • In a large jar or bowl, combine the cereal and Campari and let sit for 2 hours, shaking or stirring frequently. Strain through a funnel and return to the Campari bottle. Shake before using. Yield: 500ml.

What is it with us! Breakfast cereals and cocktails?!? Well, the kid in us loves fun, colorful, sweet cereals and the adult in us enjoys booze. What better way to be an adult and feel like a kid again, than to combine the two. This infusion is for use in our Breakfast Negroni – Version 1 and our Breakfast Boulevardier. And if you really want to feel like a kid again, then check out all of our other Cereal Cocktails. Cheers!


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