Fernet Sour



  • ½ oz Fernet Branca
  • ¾ oz Rye
  • ¾ oz Orgeat
  • ¾ oz Lemon Juice

  • Add all ingredients, with ice, to a Cocktail Shaker. Shake vigorously and strain into a Coupe Glass.

This is a delicious take on the wonderful Trinidad Sour, created by Giuseppe Gonzalez. We use Fernet Branca (the most-bitter of the Italian amari) in place of the Angostura bitters. A wonderful cocktail that makes good use of the herbaceous Fernet Branca and reins in its harshness providing a perfectly balanced cocktail with pleasant bitter, sweet, and tart components. Check out our other cocktails featuring Fernet Branca, like our Bucking Branca, or those Angostura-heavy delights like the Trinidad Sour or Angostura Sour. Cheers!


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