Demerara (Turbinado) Syrup



  • 1 part Demerara (Turbinado) Sugar
  • 1 part Water

  • Stir water and sugar over medium heat until the sugar is dissolved. When cooled, pour into a clean stoppered bottle and store in refrigerator for up to 6 months.

Demerara sugar is a light brown, partially refined, sugar produced from the first crystallization in the processing of cane juice into sugar crystals. Unlike brown sugar which has the molasses added back to the refined sugar, Demerara sugar has a natural caramel flavor which hasn’t been refined out. This lends warm caramel notes to whatever you’re adding it to. Demerara sugar (commercially available as “Sugar in the Raw”) is also referred to as turbinado sugar, which has more to do with how the sugar is processed (in turbines) than where it originates (in the sugar cane fields flanking Guyana’s Demerara river). Use this syrup in place of simple syrup to give your cocktails a hint of caramel richness. It is perfect in rum-based cocktails like the Queen’s Park Swizzle. Cheers!


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