Burned-Coffee Infused Bourbon



  • 1 pot strong Coffee
  • 1 750ml bottle Bourbon

  • Pour the strong-brewed coffee into a medium sauce pot and simmer, over medium-low heat, until reduced to a thick tarry consistence, but not smoking or dry (about 50 minutes). You should be left with approximately ¼ oz. of a very thick and just pourable dark syrupy mixture that has an aroma of tar and burnt coffee beans. (You’ll know you have the right consistency when you pull a spoon through the burned-coffee syrup and its consistency is too thick to leech back into the spoon’s trail.) Pour/scrape the liquid onto a piece of parchment paper and allow to cool to room temperature. With a scissors, cut the parchment paper around the burned coffee and drop it into a clean, lidded, 1-liter glass jar. Add the bourbon, cap the jar, and let sit on the counter-top for 1 hour, shaking occasionally. Strain, through a coffee filter, into the original bourbon bottle and label. No need to refrigerate. Will last indefinitely. Shake gently before using.

We got the idea for this infusion after absentmindedly leaving the Mr. Coffee machine on at the fishing cabin while we unsuccessfully attempted to catch some world class northern Wisconsin musky. When we returned to the cabin, empty handed and collaborating on a fish story as to how we just missed netting the biggest you ever saw, we noticed the thickened coffee bubbling with a rich, tarry, pleasantly burned aroma. When infused into the bourbon, it adds a subtle over-roasted coffee bean taste. Very nice! Check out the Burned Coffee Infused Cocktails we have made and try it in some bourbon cocktails of your own to liven them up with a hint of the rich tarry bitterness. Cheers!


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