Barrel-Aged Cocchi Americano



  • Cocchi Americano (or other aperitif)

  • Pour the aperitif into a clean oak barrel. Barrel character will be apparent by week 1, and continue to deepen following that. To serve, tap 4-6 ounces into an ice-filled Collins Glass. Garnish with an Orange Twist, insert a straw, and stir to chill. (Alternately, bottle the contents of the barrel into clean single-serving bottles. Cap, refrigerate, pour into a chilled Coupe Glass, and garnish as described above.)

Throw just one thing into cocktail aging barrel… Are you kidding me? Aging an aperitif, like this, really adds to its complexity by providing layers of smoke, oak, and subtle vanilla notes. Darn, this is good! We got this idea from the guys at Goodkind in Bayview, Wisconsin. Cocchi Americano is a wine based aperitif that is flavored with cinchona bark and aromatized with other herbs and spices to provide both sweet and bitter components. (You might also consider aging other similar aperitifs such as Lillet, Salers, or Bonal). After aging this in your barrel and imparting the oak with the aperitif’s sweet and bitter notes, you can then age a different cocktail in the barrel. This will allow you to experiment with the evolving tastes and the contributions from the oak as well as from the previous spirits which have been absorbed into it. Check out the other cocktails we love aging in oak, and take a peak at our tools and techniques video on cocktail aging barrels to learn how to get started and manage your barrels. Cheers!


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