Apple Jacks Infused Applejack



  • 1 bottle Applejack
  • 16 oz Apple Jacks Cereal

  • Add the Apple Jacks to a large glass container or bowl. Pour in the Applejack and let stand overnight, or for up to two days, stirring or shaking occasionally. Strain the Applejack through a fine mesh sieve (pressing firmly with the back of a spoon to release as much Applejack as possible). Return to the bottle and store in the refrigerator for up to 8 weeks. Shake the bottle to distribute the settled contents before using in a cocktail. Yields about 500ml.

Yet another great cereal-infused liquor invention. Though this grand infusion is not original to us, it is the type of thing we love! The Apple Jacks adds a sweet cinnamon flavor to the Applejack. It may sound redundant to add Apple Jacks to Applejack, but it adds a layer of fun and complexity to this centuries-old brandy. Use it to make the Apple Jack Rose or some of the awesome cocktaildudes originals like the Apple Jacks Smack, Apple Jacks Milk Punch, Apple Jacks Alexander, Apple Jacks Coffee, or the Apple Jacks Flip.


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