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Beet Down

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Agricole Rum is made by distilling sugar cane juice. It has an edgier/raw taste when compared to most rums made ...

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3:15 Beet Down

This blood-red margarita is a pleasant, sweet cocktail which offers up the fresh and lively bitterness which only beets can ...

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Garden Party

You don’t have to be a beet-lover to enjoy this CocktailDudes original. This drink offers up an amazingly fresh, sweet, ...

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Bourbon Beet Down

This rich, fun, and sophisticated concoction was inspired by our 3:15 Beet Down and Beetnick cocktails. Now we love beet ...

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The Beetnik

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This cocktail is not only delicious, but it’s beauty will rival the likes of our Pink Nebula or Prickly Pear ...

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