Tart Cherry Gin & Tonic



  • 2 oz. Gin
  • 1½ oz. Tart Cherry Tonic Syrup*
  • 3 oz. chilled Club Soda

  • Add the Gin and Tonic Syrup, with ice, to a mixing glass. Stir to chill and pour into a Rocks Glass over fresh ice. Top with the Club Soda.

  • *See our Tart Cherry Tonic Syrup recipe/video.

Mix up this delicious, full-flavored, Gin & Tonic utilizing our Tart Cherry Tonic Syrup – which you can mix-up in your own kitchen or bar. Deep sour/tart cherry notes followed by sweet, and well-integrated bitter elements. Add the botanicals from the gin and you have one delightful and refreshing G&T. Enjoy this and you’ll never reach for bland tonic water again. If you’re fond of this creation, be certain to check out our Scratch Grapefruit G&T made with our Grapefruit Tonic Syrup. Cheers!


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