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Apple Jacks Smack

The Apple Jacks Smack is a lip smackingly delicious cocktail! Here is yet another one of our original dessert cocktails ...

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Apple Jacks Flip

You’ll turn somersaults over this flip! The Apple Jacks Flip is a delightful (and fun!) dessert cocktail. NO COW UDDERS ...

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Apple Jacks Coffee

Not a fan of Cinnamon Toast Crunch? Then try our Apple Jacks Coffee instead! Both are part of a not-so-nourishing, ...

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Apple Jacks Alexander

The Apple Jacks Alexander is our fun (and delicious!) take on the classic Brandy Alexander. It’s a perfect dessert cocktail, ...

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Apple Jack Rose

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The Apple Jack Rose is a fun take on the classic prohibition era Jack Rose cocktail. We actually like this ...

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