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  1. Enter an ingredient into the text box and all ingredient categories will be highlighted (in red) that contain that word. This includes ingredients matching the word in the category. (TIP: If the Word Search is left blank, all Categories will be highlighted!)
  2. When you find a category that you like, you can click on that category and the section will expand, exposing the ingredient checkboxes.
  3. Click on the ingredient checkboxes that you would like to include in the Recipe Search. The Recipe Search will include any recipe that contains the ingredients you have checked.Example:- Whiskey and Vodka are checked.Some results that you would see are:
    *     “Screwdriver” (triggered by Vodka)
    *     “Jack and Coke” (triggered by Whiskey)
  4. When you have found the Recipe in the Search Results that you were looking for, simply click on the link and you will be brought to that Recipe’s page.
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