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Gin & Tonic (homemade)

This cocktail utilizes Tonic Syrup to make the classic G & T rather than the more common tonic water. Check ...

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Gin (or Vodka) & Tonic

One of the most iconic drinks in cocktaildom, this classic is yet another gem brought to us by the Brits. ...

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Tart Cherry Cordial

Learn how to make this rich Sour/Tart Cherry Syrup for use in many of our Tart Cherry cocktails, such as ...

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Baroque & Down

The Baroque & Down is a delightfully rich and sophisticated cocktail which we developed for Alcoholmanac magazine’s Apr/May 2015 issue ...

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Valhalla Sunrise

The Valhalla Sunrise will take you directly to Odin’s Palace without having to die in battle to get there. It’s ...

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Our Conquistador is similar to a Margarita, but we’re swapping out the lime juice for Blood Orange Bracer. The Bracer’s ...

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There Will Be Blood

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Though this cocktail has a scary name, it’s not frightening at all. It is actually a very delightful drink which ...

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Blood Orange Bracer

This Blood Orange Bracer was created by Top Note Tonic’s flavor guru, Mary Pellettieri. We were asked to create some ...

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