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Patchouli Daiquiri

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This flavor-bomb-of-a-Daiquiri gets its richness from the aged rum, but it’s the patchouli syrup which adds notions of soil, mushroom, ...

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Patchouli Syrup

Patchouli is a bushy herb, in the mint family, with origins stemming from Southern and Central Asia. We buy it ...

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Slow-Dancing Sasquatch

This delicious and intriguing cocktail tastes like you’re dancing beside the camp fire, nestled into the snuggy, musty embrase of ...

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Myrkviðr (pronounced MIRK-vither), in Germanic Mythology, means murky (or dark) woods – a place inhabited by Troll Women. This WONDERFUL ...

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Forest Gimlet

Bright and fresh with notes of mint, moss, and dank forest floor, this earthy gimlet is a true delight. The ...

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